TeacherPlus Gradebook

TeacherPlus Gradebook is used to keep all grades for all classes, attendance, and information look up. The program can be used in any web browser or on iPad or Android by downloading the Teacher Plus App.

The gradebook is easily accessible through PlusPortals or you may access directly by using the links below if PlusPortals is not working:

SMCS Gradebook: https://gb5.plusportals.com/Login/LoginView?qstr=JQwDzcIrLUDwAbJIIqftfkaGD6TE6CUUYoMKhNwv23qs3QX/5PKe7EgKJKvBdnHc

SMA Gradebook: https://gb5.plusportals.com/Login/LoginView?qstr=JQwDzcIrLUDwAbJIIqftfnn9JkOcOUaendjQQnCrKNhPQvAAsnqsmk8bncFLK1yw

Teacher Guide for HTML 5 Version

Teacher Username: Email Address

Password: Temp password will be emailed. Teacher creates own password.

Help: While in the gradebook, click on the ? mark on the right side of the screen for a comprehensive help system.

Viewing Learning Support Plans in Gradebook

Viewing Permission Slips in Gradebook

TeacherPlus Gradebook Google Chrome App

Submitting Grades at the end of the marking period

Viewing Comments from previous marking period

Showing Skills for all marking periods

Final Grade Calculation 4th Quarter

Due to the fact that Teacher Plus constantly updates grades in real time on PlusPortals, the final grade calculation would bring the program to a halt if it had to update every time a grade changed in the gradebook. There is one extra step that needs to be completed by you in each of your gradebooks when your grades are finalized.

1. In your gradebook, choose RC View from the dropdown list.

2. In the Final column, click the Calculate button.

3. If you change a grade in any of your gradebooks, you will need to Calculate the Final grade again before submitting.

This does not apply to skills, only the regular gradebook. Skills will not have a final grade calculation.

A video is available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Num18zX9XbeEFUUDd2LW1GTkk&authuser=0

Pictures are below demonstrating the above.