Driveline for Carline

Charter Apps Driveline Software coordinates a rapid student release process while maintaining safety and order. Our software is a secure web-based solution for schools: charter, independent and traditional.

Driveline software includes two applications: Driveline Dispatch and Driveline Classroom. Driveline Dispatch is used in the parking lot to enter the arriving vehicle's information. Driveline Classroom is used in the classroom to notify the teacher and student of their parent's arrival.

Each vehicle displays a numbered tag specific to their family called a Family ID. The Family ID is used within the Driveline Software to link the parent's vehicle with the students in their family.

Driveline 2020.webm


Classroom Teachers receiving names login:

Username: bna4380-classroom

Password: Classroom1

Staff Member entering name:

Username: bna4380-dispatch

Password: Ask Assistant Principal of SMCS