Permission Click

PermissionClick is used to electronically book field trips, permission slips, etc. Training video is below.

UN: your school email

PW: whatever you chose when you signed up

Training Resource

End of the Year Archive

The bulk download feature allows users to download and export the full PDF for each form response with a single click. Files are extracted and emailed in PDF format. Files are compressed in a ZIP folder for simple data management and accessibility.

To download this report, access the Form Manager for the form you wish to report on, click the triangle next to Generate a Report, choose Email Custom PDF, leave all options checked press next, sort the names by last name and press next, and finish.

You will see a pop-up confirming that your request for the report has been received, and you will receive an email shortly.

Check your email for the file. You will need to download this file to your computer. Once you have downloaded all forms:

St. Martha School upload to this Google Drive folder.

St. Mary Academy upload to this Google Drive Folder.