Pearson Realize - Reading Street

Pearson Realize has been provisioned for our school. Please visit: and click Sign Up to start your account creation process. The school code when requested is: 594075 When you get to the class creation step, you can start typing the last name of the student and it should auto populate if it is the first week of school. If there is a student that does not auto populate, enter their Last Name, First Name in the Student Name box. You will need to add any new students to the program throughout the year. se their username before the @ sign in their email as their username. Password is the same as on their sticker.


Farnsworth, Rick



The account setup is very straight forward and one of the best I've seen. Let me know if you have any questions. Disregard the SuccessNet sign up cards that were with your books, they are not being used with this series.